A War Between Head and Heart - Karka Sankranti

A War Between Head and Heart - Karka Sankranti

Hey people! How have you been? If you have been following my posts, you might have gotten an alert on Mercury retrograde a few days back. Well, Mercury became Direct on 12-July-2020 and would be in Gemini till 2-Aug-2020.


Sun is also entering Cancer on 16-July-2020, also known as Karka Sankranti. Sun is the source of light. It is a fiery planet that represents one's soul, pride, physical health, father, rules the sign Leo. Cancer is a watery sign, whose ruler is moon, planet governing emotions, and mother.


Hence, a lot of you might observe tussles between your mind and your heart.


According to western astrology, anyone whose birthday falls in this period is called a Cancer sign. Well, based on Vedic astrology it is just your Sun's sign.


The below prediction is based on the above-mentioned planetary changes. These are based on your Sun sign. If you don't know yours, message me on instagram.


To schedule a detailed personalized reading - just drop me a message on instagram.

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