Balance Between Worlds - Rahu Ketu Transit 2020

Balance Between Worlds - Rahu Ketu Transit 2020

Hey Hey Hey!! Rahu and Ketu, the two shadowy planets have moved to Taurus and Scorpio respectively. What does this mean?

Rahu is the head of the 'Asura Swarbhanu'. It is a planet that represents future karmas, it deceives, hides reality, is expansive but all advancements happen because of Rahu.

Taurus is an earthy sign, representing material wealth. Venus is the lord, showing attachment to earthly belongings.

Rahu in Taurus will show an expansion in wealth and sources of income, possessiveness in relationships, and requires attention to good healthy eating.


Ketu is the headless planet, a flag bearer causing confusion. A planet representing your past karmas, skills mastered in previous births, and a deep connection to the roots.

Whereas Scorpio is a watery sign, representing longevity of marriage and occult arts. The lord Mars denotes aggression, enthusiasm, and initiative.

Ketu in Scorpio will show an increase in spirituality, the ability to grow one's intuition, and requires attention to healthy relationships.


This particular transit will be there for one and a half years approx., till 17-Mar-22.

The below tarot predictions are based on your Lagna Sign. If you don't know yours, message me on instagram.

To schedule a detailed personalized tarot OR Kundli reading - just drop me a message on instagram.



Cards: 9 of Pentacles & 6 of Cups


Rahu: You will have money to spend, family to enjoy, and vacations to go to. Enjoy this phase but don't over-indulge.

Ketu: The next 1.5 years will demand you to be mindful of your elders and understand the purpose of your family lineage.



Cards: 10 of Wands & 10 of Pentacles


Rahu: A cycle has ended and a new one has begun. Rahu will make you work hard, and you will feel burdened with responsibilities. The key is to delegate.

Ketu: Family will come closer, in this transit. Celebrations can be seen - a marriage, or a peaceful farewell to an old soul.



Cards: King of Wands & The Hierophant


Rahu: Work will give you opportunities to be a leader. Being straight forward is good, but not at the cost of hurting people's sentiments.

Ketu: You will be given a position of power. Rahu will help you achieve great heights. Overseas travel is also a probability.



Cards: 2 of Cups and 7 of Swords


Rahu: The next 1.5 years will bring balance, mutual respect, and harmony in relations. It could also signify flourishing business partnerships. Marriage is also on the cards.

Ketu: Old lies can come to the surface. Be truthful in your relationships. Do not be trusting towards people without reason.



Cards: 5 of Cups and The Moon

Rahu: This transit will teach you to not cry over spilled milk. If situations do not go your way, remember you have better prospects to look for.

Ketu: Confusion can be at play. Meditation and going inwards is the only key to gain clarity of going forward.



Cards: 6 of Wands and 3 of Swords


Rahu: An achievement is on the horizon. If you have worked hard on anything, this time is for fruition. Enjoy this success to the fullest.

Ketu: The headless planet will teach you a life lesson that you won't forget. Trust and love would be redefined and relearned.



Cards: The Lovers and The Wheel of Fortune

Rahu: Librans, you will be on the path of enjoying your relationships to the fullest. This period will also give you a newfound understanding of oneself.

Ketu: Events might unfold that will change your life. A good time to get back to studies for people wanting to. A research-oriented approach should be followed in work



Cards: Death and Ace of Swords


Rahu: As Ketu is entering Scorpio, Rahu will ensure that a chapter in life ends for you. You will need to part ways with your old habits and embrace the new beginning.

Ketu: Take care of your health and explore new opportunities at work.



Cards: Ace of Pentacles & Ace of Cups


Rahu: An opportunity to make more money will come your way. Recognize it and work hard to exploit it. Creative endeavors will bring success.

Ketu: Good luck will be with you this transit. A blessed time for personal life. Inculcate good habits to keep them forever.



Cards: King of Cups & The Sun


Rahu: You will be a master of your own feelings, capable of balancing both emotions and intellect. Be level-headed, yet gracious.

Ketu: This transit will bring in luck, wellness, positive consciousness, enthusiasm, attainment, and success. It can also mean travel to a tropical place.



Cards: Knight of Pentacles & 4 of Pentacles


Rahu: This transit indicates that projects that are in ‘implementation mode’ need a commitment to getting completed.

Ketu: Saving money is a loud and clear message here. Your goal should be to create wealth. It will take time and patience, for the next few years.



Cards: Page of Cups & Queen of Pentacles


Rahu: Your psychic abilities will be enhanced this transit. The beginning of a creative project or venture can be seen on the cards. 

Ketu: Time to work hard and be on the top of your game. Health looks good. Workouts need to be included in your routine.

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