Building Structure - Kanya (Virgo) Sankranti

Building Structure - Kanya (Virgo) Sankranti

Hey people! How have you been? I know it has been almost a month, but as promised giving you the predictions for this Kanya(Virgo) Sankranti.

Sun is entering Virgo on 16-September-2020. Sun is the source of light. It is a fiery planet that represents one's soul, pride, physical health, father, rules the sign Leo. Virgo is an Earthy sign, ruler being Mercury. Virgo is the sign of organization and structuring. It shows attention to detail, lays emphasis on routine and physical well-being.

Hence, people will generally be more logical and less emotional.

According to western astrology, anyone whose birthday falls in this period is called a Virgo sign. Well, based on Vedic astrology it is just your Sun's sign.

The below predictions are based on your Lagna Sign. If you don't know yours, message me on instagram.

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Cards: Ace of Cups


As Sun exalts in this sign, this Virgo month for Aries will be a month to start a project with a lot of emotional involvement and creative endeavor. Time for happiness and focussing on material aims in life. This month will be good for couples trying to start a family together.



Cards: Death


This month Sun will teach you to let go of outgrown and outworn ways of life and move ahead. A sudden change, transformation, and transition will be seen. Pay attention to leave behind unhealthy attachments. A new beginning is seen on the horizon.



Cards: 3 of Pentacles

This Sankranti a fine balance is needed between your professional and personal life. To strike a chord between the two, one needs to juggle through responsibilities and be on their toes. Don't get stuck in the monotony of it all. Breathe and enjoy it thoroughly. A short trip is seen on the cards.



Cards: Ace of Wands

An opportunity will excite you to put your blinkers on and work. But, you might not find a clear direction. Take the help of your family in these times. Excellent time to make the most of this chance and take it to the zenith. Work smartly, use logic.



Cards: 8 of Pentacles

Number 8 denotes a power that is within you. This month is asking you to focus on creating and saving money. This time can also show you your inner grit and will power. To concentrate, take the help of meditation. Calm yourself and keep moving.



Cards: 8 of Wands


As Sun is entering Virgo, the sign of Mercury, it will make you work hard. Number 8 shows the need for inner strength. All your struggles have gone and this is the time to just finish the task at hand. An opportunity to close projects. Probable air travel is also seen.



Cards: Knight of Pentacles

A time for quiet reflection on what you have achieved till now. A steady phase, but not a stagnant phase. The time is with you to take responsibility and implement your plans. You will be meticulous and logical. Use this opportunity to achieve stability.



Cards: 9 of Cups


A beautiful time to enjoy the wealth God has bestowed upon you. You will enjoy the material, personal, and spiritual pleasures this month. Sun might give you a sense of pride. Don't let this become your ego and make you lose sight of what's important in life.



Cards: 10 of Cups


Sagittarius, a truly blessed time for you. Family life will take the front seat and give you immense satisfaction. Enjoy material pursuits but this month calls you to spend quality time with your loved ones. A healthy body, a happy mind, and a content soul are what you will have.



Cards: High Priestess


A month that will give you new intuitive powers. Circumstances will make you form a rulebook for life. Lessons will be learned and skills will be honed. You will become a master of traits you always wished you had. Keep working hard and remember, Discipline is the Key.



Cards: Ace of Pentacles


The money will be on your mind, Aquarius. A good time to look at investment opportunities. Expansion is on the cards, be it a business or a job. Look for better, high paying jobs and start applying. People wanting to buy property, this is the ideal time.



Cards: 7 of Cups


Pisces, you will want more this month. But, look around, you already have everything. Don't force yourselves to be someone you cannot be. Remember to work on your strengths, and not mull over your weaknesses. Catch up with friends who pull you up when you are down.

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