Double Whammy! Mars in Aries and Sun in Leo

Double Whammy! Mars in Aries and Sun in Leo

With Sun entering Leo and Mars entering Aries on 16-Aug-20, this month will be an absolute explosion of fire energy. Both Sun and Mars are fiery planets and will be in their own fire signs.

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Sun being the source of light, also represents one's soul, pride, physical health, father, rules the sign Leo. Mars is the planet of energy, enthusiasm, earthly possessions, virility, and aggression.

The combination of this untapped energy has a lot of potential, which can be unlocked by discipline and patience. If these two virtues are not adhered to, tempers will fly high.

Hence, a lot of you will be caught up in between your anger and mood swings.


According to western astrology, anyone whose birthday falls in the next one month period is called a Leo sign. Well, based on Vedic astrology it is just your Sun's sign.


The below prediction is based on the above-mentioned planetary changes. These are based on your Lagna OR Rising sign. If you don't know yours,message me on instagram.


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Cards: The World & Ace of Pentacles


As Sun exalts in this sign, this Leo month for Aries will be a month to reap in the benefits of all the hard work done in the past. Sun gives you happiness, luxury, money, and the support of your family.

Mars brings in money this month; either a new income source or a maturity amount of an investment. It can also be a new project at work that involves creativity.



Cards: 5 of Swords & 4 of Wands


This month will tempt you to take a shortcut and not be completely fair. Don't lose out on a future perspective because of the short term aim.

Mars gives you the culmination of a happy period, a good stint in marriage, and excellent completion of a project.



Cards: Knight of Cups and 5 of Pentacles


Sun gives you the comfort at your home and your workplace. You will be at a happy place from all ends.

Mars warns you against any monetary investment this month if planned.



Cards: Ace of Swords & 8 of Swords


Sun might bring minor injuries and health issues. Exercise and eat well.

This month might seem like a time that is stuck. Don't worry just open your eyes to see the possible exit doors.



Cards: 4 of Swords & 10 of Wands


Sun gives you the opportunity to introspect and relieve your stress. Don't lock yourself in, emotionally. Seek help if required.

Mars needs your total attention in one particular task. Lot of hard work in all areas of your life is probable.



Cards: 2 of Cups & The Hanged Man


This month brings in romance in your life. This romance can also be with yourself. Don't let your ego sway your energies. Mars gives you a month of great intellect. Use it in a positive direction.



Cards: 10 of Swords & 7 of Cups


To make this a happy month, ensure that you don't trust anyone with blind faith. While taking decisions, listen to your mind instead of your heart.

Mars will show you dreams of grandeur living. To achieve this dream, start executing instead of planning more.



Cards: Ace of Cups & The Devil


Sun gives you an excellent opportunity to be creative and start a new project. Don't let this opportunity go waste. A perfect time for imbibing a good habit.

Mars will force you to focus all your energies in one place. It might get frustrating. The only way out is to acknowledge the situation and tactfully handle it



Cards: 8 of Pentacles & 5 of Wands


Leo month will give you the opportunity to create wealth. Save money and be focused.

This month will give you a competitive spirit. Don't let it get the better of you. The competition is with yourself and not others.



Cards: The Chariot & 10 of Cups


A good month to be a leader. Be diplomatic this month and enjoy the lucky phase.

An absolutely blissful time for personal life. As Mars gets exalted in Capricorn, it gives you the happiness and support of your family, which you were looking for in the past few months.



Cards: 10 of Pentacles & 9 of swords


Sun brings in a celebration this month. Meeting family is on the cards.

Don't lose sleep over spilled milk. You need to deal with the past. Acknowledge it and move on.



Cards: Knight of Swords & Queen of Swords


Sun brings a lot of energy and a fast-paced work environment. You have all the means to deal with the additional stress. Just be yourself and go with the flow.

Mars gives you challenges which you will happily and ably accept. This month will give you a go-getter attitude.

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