Guru is now Vakri!

Guru is now Vakri!

Jupiter (Guru) is now Retrograde (Vakri).

What a superb time during Navratri for Jupiter to go retrograde and proceed from the most spiritual sign - Dhanu to king of occult signs - Vrishchik!


From the 10th of April 2019 to 11th of August, Jupiter will continue moving back from Sagittarius to Scorpio. Being currently at around 0 degrees, this is a Gandaant position - which essentially means that although the Karmic knots have opened up after it moved here (around end of March), there is still work to be done in spheres relating to Guru, now that he is going back.


Hence, here is a Tarot reading based on this Retrograde Transit. All of these are based on your moon signs as Moon is the most important Graha which controls your mind. It affects how you feel and how you react you things.

Your Moon sign is not your Sunsign or Lagna.


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Aries Moon

Vakri Guru - Mesh Rashi
Jupiter Retrograde - Aries Moon Sign

Materialism - It is a time for some lone working. Be an individual contributor at work. You can best achieve your goals by the strength already inside of you. Use it to go deep within, away from everyone. People will have prying eyes, don’t bother. Lock yourself up and Strategise!

Spiritualism - This is the time when your wisdom is shining bright. You should put this to good use. Get down to doing something that you have always wanted to do, because that’s your divine calling. It will teach you valuable lessons in life.

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Taurus Moon

Vakri Guru - Vrishabh Rashi
Jupiter Retrograde - Taurus Moon Sign

Materialism - This is an excellent time to reap in the benefits of the hard work done in the past. Your personality will overpower everyone around you. This time has gifted you with all the tools with which you can achieve supremacy. Use this time well to achieve the highest financial goals.

Spiritualism - The time presents itself with a season meant for you to rule. The divine order is for you to succeed. You have worked hard to wait your turn. Start a new yoga class, even if you’ve not thought about it. OR, go for walks to reflect internally. Start a spiritual practice to give your life a fruitful meaning.

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Gemini Moon

Vakri Guru - Mithun Rashi
Jupiter Retrograde - Gemini Moon Sign

Materialism - Work will be stressful, but quick. You might come across a project, needed to be completed on an urgent basis. This might force you to work more than 15 hours a day, as deliverables are near. Ensure you don’t let the work pressure creep into your personal life. Try practicing some Pranayam OR meditation.

Spiritualism - Spirits want you to go astray from the spiritual path. They want attachment to your work become prime focus in your life. These spirits feed on your hunger for the want of trying to prove yourself. Don’t obsess over your work. It is not worth losing your sleep over. Again, find an activity which detaches you from your work : dance classes OR gym.

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Cancer Moon

Vakri Guru - Karka Rashi
Jupiter Retrograde - Cancer Moon Sign

Materialism - You would go to your wit’s ends to not let the barrage break. It seems you are stretched from all ends : Work-wise and at family front. But, you are doing a commendable job at that. Keep it up. Don’t let things slip out of your control and at the same time, don’t push yourself. Please take care of your health.

Spiritualism - You might meet a lot of people who would take advantage of your good heart. Don’t let them use you. This is a period for you to understand the true motives of people. Stop saying yes to everything. Own up to your responsibility. Don’t do charity. Increase your fiery element : eat spicy food, wear reds and browns.

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Leo Moon

Vakri Guru - Simha Rashi
Jupiter Retrograde - Leo Moon Sign

Materialism - You will attract wealth automatically. This is a blessed time giving you everything you deserve, with open arms. Take blessings of your elders and spend valuable time with them. Your ancestors have chosen this time to give you fruits of the good deeds done in the past lives by you. Just accept everything in a positive stride and keep growing.

Spiritualism - The queen of light gives you abundance. Your path has been illuminated in-front of you, follow it with your heart. It is a time for celebrating your journey towards enlightenment. Pick up ancient texts like Bhagvad Gita and upanishads, and read them. This will give your mind the best and the most efficient direction to attain the ultimate BLISS.

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Virgo Moon

Vakri Guru - Kanya Rashi
Jupiter Retrograde - Virgo Moon Sign

Materialism - Some anticipated work might be coming your way. Ensure you do this with all your heart. This will give you returns more than you have thought of. Don’t lack in hard-work. Remember, fruition cannot show itself without asking for extra efforts. But, you will know how to handle it. Increase your Earth element : Drink green tea, no caffeine.

Spiritualism - The Rainbow prince shows you to have one quality, perseverance. Your spiritual spirits are pushing you towards your material aims. Keep at it, don’t lose the motivation. You will be rewarded with excellent compensation. To achieve this, don’t give up until you get all the juice out. That’s your mantra of becoming successful.

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Libra Moon

Vakri Guru - Tula Rashi
Jupiter Retrograde - Libra Moon Sign

Materialism - Not the right time to be trusting people blindly. You have something that people want desperately. Don’t be a goody two shoes with everyone and everything. Evaluate people, and their motives. If you can’t for the time being, then don’t share too much with anyone, except your family. Wait for the time which is a little less betraying, and then venture out to build new friendships.

Spiritualism - Be still like an age-old tree giving shade to every tired traveler. Observe each and everyone who takes your shade and then walks away. Don’t expect, just give what you are bound to. Be patient with yourself. Evolve into a mature being than who you are right now. Lessen your air element - eat less of fried foods, don’t drink alcohol.

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Scorpio Moon

Vakri Guru - Vrishchik Rashi
Jupiter Retrograde - Scorpio Moon Sign

Materialism - Something that you have been working for, will conclude and bring the fruits of labor. A celebration is seen around the corner. More of a team effort, rather than your own. You can expect a new alliance in marriage, if awaited. A beautiful start to an excellent journey ahead.

Spiritualism - Spirits are guiding you to toughen up. Stop being a social worker always. People in this world will always need your help and helping people in need is the greatest deed of God. But, not by putting yourself at risk, or going out of your way. Don’t be too generous with people. Take your anger out, don’t keep it bottled up inside.

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Sagittarius Moon

Vakri Guru - Dhanu Rashi
Jupiter Retrograde - Sagittarius Moon Sign

Materialism - This is the time for luxury, vacations, happiness and bliss. And all well awaited and deserved. If going on a trip, plan it to a place close to nature, probably to a wildlife inhabited area. Get in contact with animals, if you like. Birds might be of a special significance to you. Observe the signs around you.

Spiritualism - This is the time where all your inner conflicts have been resolved. You will feel connected to your spiritual journey, and know what you have to achieve.Your Morality will come to surface bringing you a judgement based microscopic view. Don’t fall for that. The aim is to be judgement free, accept all and move on.

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Capricorn Moon

Vakri Guru - Makara Rashi
Jupiter Retrograde - Capricorn Moon Sign

Materialism - You have gotten a new spirit of a lion, to be fiercely independent. Whatever you think of doing during this period, you would want to scale the heights, not wanting help from anyone. And trust me, you don’t even need it. Some of you might also want to adopt a pet, or plan to start a family. Your inner strength, will help you conquer everything. Remember, Stay humble!!

Spiritualism - The entire universe will try and give you symbols, to interact with you, guide you. Be alert, and look for these signs. They would give you a clear outline towards where your soul has to go. You might want to learn techniques like Tratak, OR attend martial arts classes, to learn how to focus. But, don’t start imagining things.

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Aquarius Moon

Vakri Guru - Kumbha Rashi
Jupiter Retrograde - Aquarius Moon Sign

Materialism - Tread carefully in relationships. You might think, this is the end of it. But, this is just a phase. Have faith. It’s easy to let go off relationships at this time, it is very difficult to grow them. Go on a trip, take a vacation. Choose hilly regions, with ether and earth elements, to ground you and give you clarity. Manage your mood swings.

Spiritualism - You might lose motivation to try new things in life. This is your low-time. Your aggression might go down, take care of your confidence. Don’t make important decisions at this time. Meditate and be with people who support you. Use external forces to uplift your spirits. Again, excellent time for vacationing and taking time- off.

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Pisces Moon

Vakri Guru - Meena Rashi
Jupiter Retrograde - Pisces Moon Sign

Materialism - You might suddenly want to invest in activities related to your heritage. For example, if you father has been interested in astrology, you might want to pick it up as well. Use this time to establish a connection between your ancestors and yourself through spiritual arts/crafts/sciences. Whatever happens, let it happen, don’t attempt to logically justify it, else would be futile.

Spiritualism - This is a period of preparation for the future. Believe in yourself. Whatever your heart tells you, follow, without question. Even if you don’t have clarity, keep at it. Don’t expect anything. This is the time for Karmic actions to be taken, and not evaluation. That will happen automatically, in sometime.

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