The Triple Eclipses!

The Triple Eclipses!

The way things have been going, nothing surprises us anymore!

COVID is growing, lockdowns are almost over and we're not even scared of locusts anymore. We started the year with Australian Bushfires and we've just heard of Murder Hornets.


So well, 3 eclipses occurring within a lunar month shouldn't also sound strange right! From this triple series, the first Lunar Eclipse was on 5-6 June; the Solar Eclipse will occur on 21 June and the next Lunar eclipse will occur on 4-5 July.


This is not actually rare. But this coupled with 3 planets already being retrograde and fourth ready to go - is interesting.

[More about RETROGRADE PREDICTIONS check out my previous blog.]


Hence, specifically for the eclipses period, I have done predictions through tarot.


As always, these are based on your Moon sign as well as Lagna. If you don't know yours, message me on instagram.

To schedule a detailed personalized reading - just drop me a message on instagram.

ARIES WHEEL OF FORTUNE - These eclipses give you the best of all the worlds. Your Outlook will change a lot during this month. You will finally lay the foundation of your dream. A lot of research and hard work will be required from you this month. Enjoy it.


TAURUS THE LOVERS - A beautiful month for being with your loved ones and sharing your lives with them. People wanting spiritual answers can dive deep within and get them. People looking for partners will find theirs.



8 OF SWORDS - You will feel let down or stuck in a situation with seemingly no way out. Open your eyes Gemini; there is always an exit route from every problem. Find yours and stop self-pitying.


4 OF PENTACLES - You will be stuck between the desire to spend money and the wish to create wealth. Save it for the dry days ahead but don't get stingy in the process.



9 OF CUPS - Pride can be seen as a jeweled trait but being proud can be dangerous. You have all the happiness in the world but don't take it for granted. Always have eyes behind your head and be grounded.



6 OF PENTACLES - Expenses will increase and be routed towards unimportant tasks. Calculate risks and plan well. Help the needy this month. If you have had house helps, pay them full salaries till this month.



ACE OF SWORDS - take care of your health. You might get a work-related opportunity. If deemed fit, don't delay. Be wary of manipulations around you.


THE FOOL - Enjoying life is one thing but living carelessly is another. Ensure you keep a check on both aspects. It's a see-saw that has to be balanced. Don't ignore the advice of near ones. If you are being too stubborn about something, reevaluate yourself.




ACE OF CUPS - a good period with blessed time. Enjoy this and structure your lives. This month can be the beginning of a beautiful life. Tasks which are difficult but need to be done, start working on them. Money can come unannounced.



8 OF PENTACLES - Keep working hard, Capricorns. You should wear blinkers and just keep focusing on the task at hand. This is the only way to achieve your ultimate goal - build wealth and enjoy it.




4 OF SWORDS - Time for seeking help from others on tasks difficult to manage. Remember this is not the time to introspect. People are not making fun of you. They are waiting to assist you.



KNIGHT OF WANDS - Your pitta element might increase this month. Don't let anger get the better of you. An important assignment might come your way, but you will be able to finish it well and in time.

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