What does 2021 have in store for you?

What does 2021 have in store for you?

With so many transits and conjunctions happening, this blog post is on a lighter side. I will not give you the astrology jargon as always and straight away ask you to choose a number.


The predictions are based on Rider Waite Tarot Deck and are encompassing 3 major areas of our lives.


So without further ado, Happy new year, and here you go.


Number 1


Health: 2021 will be a year that needs execution in your long term planning. Health will become a priority but you need to stop seeing your dream body in just your dreams.


Wealth: You will have enough to keep yourself happy but you need to be mindful of your expenses. Do your research and evaluate your needs before buying anything overly expensive.


Love: This year wants you to take control of your relationship. Take the initiative to bring fun and enjoyment into it. Boss around your partner, if I may say that. *Wink wink*


Number 2


Health: You need to take your health as your first priority. A wellness routine is needed in your life that includes food, exercise, and medicines.


Wealth: There will be no dearth of wealth. You will be good at your job, probably getting a promotion. This year will help you gain an insight into how people think. Be careful until you reach there


Love: This year can be tricky if you wear a blindfold and go without a direction. You both need to guide each other to grow individually, and with each other.


Number 3


Health: Your health will be sound. You should invest in good medical insurance, if not already. There won't be many ups and downs in your health if you take care of yourself. Regular walking can be very good for you.


Wealth: Career will be good and the monetary state will see steady growth. Indulging in your interests and luxurious pursuits can be rewarding. Plan a good holiday this year for sure.


Love: A definite blessed time for relationships. Couples trying to start a family will welcome good news. 2021 will be a year filled with compassion and happiness with your partner.


Number 4


Health: Have you been told by your loved ones to check on your health and take care of it? This year will give you a jolt if you do not pay heed to this advice. You need to exercise, and most importantly eat healthily.


Wealth: Do not get indulged in the rat race. You have enough money and it will stay with you. Don't compete with others or compare yourself with them.


Love: An year that demands adventure from you and the relationship. Take risks. Ask out your muse if you haven't already. Take time off and escape the mundane life, but together.


Number 5


Health: An ailment will see its last breath this year. You will be cured and a beautiful healthy life will begin. What you need to do is pay attention to your body. It will give messages that should not be ignored. Have regular check-ups.


Wealth: Your grit to earn more and more will be at a peak this year. You want something, you work 100 times harder for it. Your determination will astonish near and dear ones.


Love: A beautiful year for a well-balanced relationship. There will be love, maturity, understanding, and growth in your bond. People wanting to invest in property can start exploring options.

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