Retrogrades of 2020!

Retrogrades of 2020!

Hey Everyone!!

I hope you are being safe in the sanctity of your homes. 2020 has been one hell of a ride. It seems like the planets are conspiring to change the world and fast. You might be hearing a lot of mumbo jumbo on astrology, but let me give it to you straight.

In astronomy, Retrograde means the graha seems to be moving in a reverse direction, relative to the earth. In the start, it seems to become slower and then almost stationary.

The astrological impact of this is that whichever planet retrogrades, it makes us revisit the past and complete unfinished tasks. The planets that are currently retrograde are Venus (Graha of Love and Luxury), Saturn (Graha of Karma and Gains), and Jupiter(Graha of Wisdom and Luck).

There is nothing new in retrogression. Almost every planet retrogrades once in a year, at least. But, this year these 3 planets have retrograded together. This has led to a cumulative impact on all our lives. I will try and detail out this impact on your personal relationships, life-in-general, and work. This is a Tarot reading based on this Retrograde Transit. All of these are based on your Moon sign as well as Lagna. Your Moon sign OR your Lagna is not your Sunsign. (Drop me a line on instagram if you do not know yours.)

To schedule a detailed personalized reading - just drop me a message on instagram. Aries Your relationship would grow. This retrograde gives you the time and luck to be with your partner. Try reading something together, like maybe a reading marathon. This Jupiter retrograde will teach you to be alone and happy at the same time. You might be susceptible to loneliness and depression. Be with your loved ones.

Work will be good. It might not be hectic. Try your hand at newer things, tasks you have never attempted in life. Taurus Don't be stingy in your relationship; be it money or you expressing your love. Time to upskill yourself and be street smart. Budget everything.


This Jupiter retrograde is teaching you to be the best at everything you do. Hence, don't waste your time.


Saturn retrograde will give you an option in everything. The key is to not get confused and just keep moving.


Gemini Relationships are getting more demanding. You need to be creative to ignite passion.


You need to love yourself. Introspect and do something that touches your soul.


Saturn will tempt you to not work at all and just enjoy yourself. This time is definitely for enjoying, but do not forget your Karma.

Cancer Venus retrograde will make you realize your supremacy in relationships. Some of you might take it as monotony but this is the time to thank your stars. Jupiter retrograde will make your wisdom go for a toss. You will feel highly confused and incoherent. The key is to plan. Saturn retrograde will make you lethargic and lose focus on health. Work will increase and become unmanageable. Take care of your health first. Start a routine.


Leo Relationships will have arguments. Sometimes losing the argument is better than winning. Don't get your ego in the way.

Jupiter retrograde will make you dream more and take action less. Keep giving yourself reality checks to avoid being stuck in the illusion. Saturn retrograde will make you lazy and tired. You will think that you have been working hard. Don't leave yet, as you are almost near completion.


Venus retrograde will make your relationships stronger and people who are looking for partners will find true love. Time for celebrations in the family. Jupiter retrograde will also give you happiness in family life. The people who wanted to start a family, this is a good time. Saturn retrograde will make you question your inner satisfaction. You will think that your work is worthless but don't quit.


Be adventurous in your relationships. If there is a decision involved, don't take it in haste.

Jupiter retrograde will make you lose your sleep, over petty issues. Meditate to keep a healthy and balanced mind.

Saturn retrograde will give you the opportunity to try your luck in areas you have always wanted. This is a good time for family planning and laying the foundation for good habits.


Your relationship will grow stronger and will have the stability needed to last. Do not take any decisive action this Venus retrograde.

Jupiter retrograde will make you achieve something that you have worked on for a long time. Remember to enjoy it with your loved ones.

Your work will become hectic this Saturn retrograde. Don't take responsibility when in a good mood.



Relationships will become stronger and loving. The lady luck is on your side. Don't take your partner for granted.

There might be some drastic changes in your thought process. These changes might not what you have wanted. Don't worry just focus on the learning.

Your work will increase and you will have to slog. This Saturn retrograde wants you to put all your eggs in one basket. Don't leave any stone unturned in working towards your goal.



This Venus retrograde will make you want to get out of relationships. There will be a lot of hard work and compromises that need to be made.

Remember no one has become rich overnight. Don't be a fool to cheat/exploit someone who is in a weaker spot.

This retrograde try and serve the elderly. There might be new tasks that Saturn wants you to do to eliminate your karma in this birth.


Some of you might get out of toxic relationships. Don't brood over it. It will teach you a valuable lesson.

Help is always at an arm's length don't think twice before seeking help when you need it. There is a difference between self-respect in ego. A person from the opposite sex will help you out. Don't do any financial investments. Saturn retrograde gives you the work that you had always wanted. You will need to work in a strict and disciplined manner. Some of your managers might become difficult.


Pisces, if you have an intuition in your relationship don't doubt it. It's time to make rules and stick to them when it comes to love matters.

Jupiter retrograde will give you a false sense of losing something. You have everything that is meant for you don't cry over the things you can't get. Saturn retrograde will increase the money flow. It might also bring in some good news for couples.

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