Judgement - Awakening and Rebirth

Judgement - Awakening and Rebirth


Judgement, card number XX in the Major Arcana, signifies awakening, rebirth, and the calling to a higher existence. It represents a moment of profound realization and the decision to rise to a new level of consciousness and understanding.

Main Image

An image of the Judgement card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, depicting an angel blowing a trumpet from above, with people below rising from their graves with arms outstretched, ready to embrace their new lives. This scene symbolizes the call to judgment, self-evaluation, and the opportunity for redemption and transformation.

Card Description

The angel in the Judgement card is often identified as Gabriel, the messenger, whose trumpet call heralds a time of reckoning and the chance for a fresh start. The people rising from their graves represent liberation from past mistakes, misunderstandings, and the weight of the old self. The widespread arms signify readiness to accept the truth and to step into a new phase of life with clarity and purpose.

General Meaning

Judgement encourages reflection upon one's life and actions, urging a deep evaluation of our past choices and experiences. It invites us to acknowledge our shortcomings and to heed the call towards a higher level of being. This card signifies the liberation from past burdens and the joyous embrace of a new beginning.

Love and Relationships

In love and relationships, Judgement may indicate the resolution of past issues, forgiveness, and the renewal of commitments. It suggests a period of honest assessment and the potential for revitalizing relationships through understanding and acceptance.

Career and Finances

For career and financial matters, Judgement signals a time of significant decisions and the potential for new opportunities. It advises taking stock of one's career path or financial situation and making choices that align with one's true purpose and values.


In health readings, Judgement signifies healing and renewal, encouraging a reassessment of health habits and the embracing of a lifestyle that supports well-being and vitality.

Reversed Meaning

When reversed, Judgement warns of failure to heed the call to change, self-doubt, or the refusal to release the past. It suggests a need to listen more closely to one's inner voice and to embrace the transformative opportunities at hand.

Reflective Questions

  • How are you responding to the call for self-evaluation and transformation?
  • What aspects of your past do you need to reconcile or release to move forward?
  • How can you embrace a new beginning with openness and purpose?

Closing Thoughts

Judgement invites us to rise from the metaphorical graves of our past, to hear the call of our higher selves, and to step into a new phase of life with renewed purpose and enlightenment. By embracing this moment of awakening, we can achieve a profound rebirth and align more closely with our true path.

Call to Action

Reflect on your moments of awakening and the decisions that have led to significant transformations in your life. Share how the message of Judgement has inspired you to embrace rebirth and to rise to new heights of understanding and being.

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