Justice - The Balance of Fairness and Truth

Justice - The Balance of Fairness and Truth


Justice, card number XI in the Major Arcana, symbolizes balance, fairness, and the importance of acting with integrity and impartiality. It represents the law of cause and effect, where every action has a corresponding reaction, reminding us of the consequences of our choices.

Main Image

An image of the Justice card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, depicting a seated figure in robes, holding a sword in one hand and scales in the other, symbolizing the weighing of decisions and the execution of fair judgment.

Card Description

The figure of Justice sits between two pillars, similar to those in The High Priestess card, indicating the balance between the spiritual and material worlds. The sword points upwards, representing the power of reason and justice over emotion and personal desire. The scales in her other hand symbolize the evaluation of evidence and the balance of truth. Her crown signifies her authority to judge, and the square clasp on her robe represents the law of the land.

General Meaning

Justice signifies fairness, truth, and the law. It reminds us to weigh our decisions carefully, to act with integrity, and to accept the consequences of our actions. This card encourages honesty and accountability, emphasizing the importance of making choices that align with our highest principles.

Love and Relationships

In love readings, Justice may indicate the need for balance and fairness in a relationship. It can suggest resolving disputes or making decisions that consider both partners' needs, highlighting the importance of mutual respect and equality.

Career and Finances

For career and financial matters, Justice suggests acting with integrity and fairness. It may point to legal matters or contracts needing attention, advising careful consideration and honesty in dealings.


In a health context, Justice calls for a balanced lifestyle and attention to well-being. It may indicate the need to make adjustments to restore equilibrium in physical or mental health.

Reversed Meaning

When reversed, Justice warns of injustice, bias, or dishonesty. It suggests a situation may be out of balance or that you may not be acting in alignment with your ethical beliefs, urging a reevaluation of your actions and their impact.

Reflective Questions

  • How can you ensure fairness and integrity in your decisions?
  • Where in your life is there a need for balance or adjustment?
  • How do you handle the consequences of your actions?

Closing Thoughts

Justice challenges us to live by our principles of fairness and truth, reminding us that our actions and decisions shape the world we live in. By embodying the spirit of Justice, we contribute to a more equitable and honest society.

Call to Action

Reflect on a moment when fairness and integrity guided your decisions. Share your experiences of how Justice has played a role in your life, in the balance of choices and their outcomes.

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