The Wheel of Fortune - The Cycle of Change and Destiny

The Wheel of Fortune - The Cycle of Change and Destiny


The Wheel of Fortune, card number X in the Major Arcana, symbolizes the cyclical nature of life, destiny, and the inevitable changes that come with it. It represents the universe's constant motion, reminding us that every phase of life is transient and that change is the only constant.

Main Image

An image of The Wheel of Fortune card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, featuring a large wheel surrounded by various mythical figures, including an angel, an eagle, a lion, and a bull, each holding books of knowledge. This scene represents the continuous cycle of life, the interplay of fate and free will, and the diverse experiences that shape our journey.

Card Description

The Wheel of Fortune depicts a grand wheel, inscribed with symbols and letters that spell out "TARO" in one direction and "TORA" in another, suggesting the connection between the tarot and the Torah, or divine law. On the wheel itself, different figures rise and fall, symbolizing the changing fortunes of individuals. The creatures in the corners of the card represent the four fixed signs of the zodiac—Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus—emphasizing the stability that underlies the flux of life's fortunes.

General Meaning

The Wheel of Fortune signifies major shifts, opportunities, and the forces of destiny at play. It encourages embracing change as a natural part of life and the journey towards self-realization. This card advises us to remain adaptable, for the wheel always turns, bringing new challenges and blessings.

Love and Relationships

In love readings, The Wheel of Fortune suggests a turning point in relationships. It may herald a new phase, whether the beginning of a significant partnership or the rekindling of an old flame, reminding us that relationships evolve with time.

Career and Finances

For career and finances, The Wheel of Fortune indicates fluctuations and the potential for significant change. It encourages taking calculated risks and being open to new opportunities, as fortunes can shift in unexpected ways.


In terms of health, this card suggests a period of change or fluctuation. It's a reminder to take care of oneself through transitions and to adapt to new health routines or treatments as needed.

Reversed Meaning

When reversed, The Wheel of Fortune warns of resistance to change, bad luck, or the negative consequences of past actions. It advises reflection on how one's actions contribute to their current situation and the importance of adaptability.

Reflective Questions

  • How do you respond to the changes life presents to you?
  • What can you learn from the current cycle or phase you're in?
  • How can you prepare for the inevitable turns of the Wheel of Fortune?

Closing Thoughts

The Wheel of Fortune teaches us to navigate life's inevitable changes with grace and understanding. By acknowledging the cycles of destiny, we can move through life's ups and downs with wisdom and adaptability.

Call to Action

Share your experiences with change and how you've seen the Wheel of Fortune manifest in your life. How have you adapted to life's cycles, and what lessons have you learned?

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